In this topic, we share Videohive 18967340 – Transitions V8 with Crack tool that works in both MacOS and Windows.

Designed by , these very popular Transitions have been sold up to 32.000 sales on Videohive market.

The project comes with more than 2000 dynamic After Effects transitions for any video projects you are challenged ! By use of Transitions, After Effects user can create video visually interesting and amazing quickly, conveniently and effortlessly that they have never expected before.


  • Transitions V8   (download)
1.28 GB
  • Transitions V7   (download)
2.56 GB
  • Transitions V6.1   (download)
526.18 MB
  • Transitions V6

This is the re-packed version for free instant running. Crack tools and related solutions are not needed.   (download)
725.19 MB
  • Transitions V5.3
VH-18967340-V5.3.rar   (download)
465.09 MB


  • Transitions V5.1
VH-18967340   (download)
557.04 MB

CRACK Instructions in Windows and MacOS

  • if you have tried with previous version of Motionbro, remove it then Download the latest one from here:
MotionBro   (download)
32.51 MB

To review all files, you may want to use the torrent link shared by us here.

  • Copy the Motionbro folder into:
    + Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
    + Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions
  • In Windows, run the corresponding Regkeys (AE2018.reg or AE2019.reg) at Administrator. On Mac, use the Mac command to allow you to open the panel.

During using, when you import any of the .list files, be noticed of that sometimes its too small to see the import button on the far right of the panel so just resize it.

If you are asked for the code or license, just type anything to ignore this.


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Matheus Fidelis Orsi
Matheus Fidelis Orsi
1 year ago

helppp bro, registration AE2019.reg what is the default program to open for Mac ???

Eder Rodrigues
Eder Rodrigues
8 months ago

you open the terminal and type: defaults write /Users/usernamehere/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.CSXS.9.plist PlayerDebugMode 1

Its Work for me.

9 months ago

Version 6 update is not correct. It does not have the following:

Update 6 (2019-11-19)
+ Added a new category of transitions: Hyper Jump, Streth Wiggle, Shape

All cases of version 6 are the same as 5.3

8 months ago

do you have the 6.2 update? and the motion bro 3.0? that now works on premiere

7 months ago

Please update it to v6.2 so it works with premiere pro