Free download | Lynda – Creating Panoramas with Lightroom (2019).

All these essential techniques are gathered and brought in by Rich Harrington, as well as a detailed instructions as steps for the ones who need to professionally create attractive high dynamic range (HDR) panoramas. This project encourages you to discover the way to effectively combine the Photo Merge commands in Lightroom Classic CC, flexibly alter projection methods for various visual outcomes, and automatize your workflow to relieve your time as well as boost your productivity.

The project brings you several useful topics including:

  • Photography Plans for panoramas
  • Editing photos in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Starting Panoramic Photo Merge
  • Merging raw files
  • Altering your projection method
  • Making an HDR panorama
  • Invoking Camera Raw as a filter

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Adobedownload.ORG-Lynda-Creating-Panoramas-with-Lightroom-2019  (download)
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