Download [FREE] Ezra Cohen – 16mm Film Grain + Textures which are designed for most accurate film look.

The pack comes with the following:
+ Prores 422 codec files
+ 23.98 frames per second
+ 10 second loops
+ Modular design for most accurate film look
+ Choose 1080p HD (Starter) or 4K UHD (Pro)


New Update Link ( No Password )

EC_16mm_Grain + Textures (download)
4.3 GB

OLDER LINK : Unrar password if needed is “” (could be ADOBEDOWNLOAD.ORG).

Ezra Cohen – 16mm Film Grain + Textures (download)
4.8 GB

Top review all files, you may want to use the torrent link shared by us here.

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Pedro Lucas Melo
Pedro Lucas Melo
1 year ago

when i add the borders and hit multiply, the edges get only white, why?

Morgan Routt
Morgan Routt
11 months ago

RAR 7 seems to have an issue and needs a reupload please.

Zayn Ng
Zayn Ng
10 months ago

RAR 7 receives error