Here we share the direct download links of Luminary 4K (Lens Distortions) for AE and Premiere.


Review all files and download:

Lens Distortions License Agreement.pdf  (37.99 KB)
Luminary  (131.98 MB)
Luminary  (104.98 MB)
Luminary  (116.30 MB)
Luminary  (349.58 MB)
Luminary  (82.49 MB)
Luminary  (145.78 MB)
Luminary  (117.09 MB)
Luminary  (130.33 MB)
Luminary  (157.19 MB)
Luminary  (373.18 MB)
Luminary  (270.86 MB)
Luminary  (96.82 MB)
Luminary  (72.69 MB)
Luminary  (244.47 MB)
Luminary  (241.45 MB)
Luminary  (276.45 MB)
Luminary  (260.91 MB)
Luminary  (338.45 MB)
Luminary  (192.72 MB)
Luminary  (249.94 MB)
Luminary  (269.84 MB)
Luminary  (339.74 MB)
Luminary  (154.25 MB)
Luminary  (277.61 MB)
Luminary  (118.96 MB)
Luminary  (278.79 MB)
Luminary  (211.07 MB)
Luminary  (288.68 MB)
Luminary  (248.28 MB)
Luminary  (224.40 MB)
Luminary  (292.67 MB)
Luminary  (330.34 MB)
Luminary  (174.99 MB)
Luminary  (218.08 MB)
Luminary  (309.92 MB)
Luminary  (140.88 MB)
Luminary  (160.98 MB)
Luminary  (265.36 MB)
Luminary  (204.61 MB)
Luminary  (129.30 MB)
Luminary  (114.99 MB)
Luminary  (157.93 MB)
Luminary  (148.76 MB)
Luminary  (228.09 MB)
Luminary  (119.98 MB)
Luminary  (249.15 MB)
Luminary  (211.98 MB)
Luminary  (143.56 MB)
Luminary  (250.14 MB)
Luminary  (60.54 MB)
Luminary  (96.93 MB)
Luminary  (215.44 MB)
Luminary  (78.52 MB)
Luminary  (180.78 MB)
Luminary  (102.20 MB)
Luminary  (332.63 MB)
Luminary  (91.62 MB)
Luminary  (104.44 MB)
Luminary  (132.41 MB)
Luminary  (153.45 MB)
Luminary  (122.06 MB)
Luminary  (85.38 MB)
Luminary  (89.95 MB)
Luminary  (150.12 MB)
Luminary  (176.84 MB)
Luminary  (267.43 MB)
Luminary  (333.24 MB)
Luminary  (216.94 MB)
Luminary  (176.80 MB)
Luminary  (117.65 MB)
Luminary  (186.97 MB)
Luminary  (165.45 MB)
Luminary  (46.59 MB)
Luminary  (361.45 MB)
Luminary  (173.20 MB)
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1 year ago

im a member but says max download limit reached?

1 year ago

It is also giving me the error saying I have reached my limit? whats going on?