Photoshop – 70s Cafe Procreate Texture Brushes – CreativeMarket 5997668 – Free Download 

Details :

What is the Project name: 70s Cafe Procreate Texture Brushes
The project is created by: Spasibenko Art
Specific Official Information and Features : CreativeMarket 5997668
Files work on: Procreate
The project is Great for: textured paper , texture background , 70s retro, etc…
Project includes: PNG, BRUSH
Resolution: Resizable
Some Other details:  N/A

Cozy retro roadside cafe with fast food. This is the impression that this set of brushes makes. Includes 25 fine dust brushes, retro texture posters and posters from the 70s

DOWNLOAD   (download)
133.89 MB
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